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Carlos Nepomuceno
CARLOS NEPOMUCENO has 11 years of experience and over 200 projects involving websites and systems developed for the Internet And recently, web 2.0 projects. A journalist and consultant, he founded and coordinates Pontonet (www.pontonet.com.br) – the country’s first Internet consulting firm. Graduated in Journalism by PUC-RJ, he is a doctoral student in Information Science at the Rio de Janeiro Federal University , and has specialization in Information in the Cyberspace at the Internet Society, in Honolulu , Hawaii , US . Coordinator of Brazil ’s first Internet Service Provider, he was responsible for the prototype of the first Brazilian e-commerce software : Booknet. He has also been distinguished by his strategic support to initiatives by businesses, municipal government organs, and NGOs. For almost a decade, he has been publishing in newspapers and on the Internet articles on the digital world. These articles have been freely reproduced in over 70 websites and been sent to over 10,000 subscribers. Technology consultant for Sebrae, IBAM, and Petrobras (where he still works), with projects related to implementing new collaborative technologies and virtual communities. Since 2004, he has taught a course on Collective Intelligence of the MBA program on Knowledge Management of CRIE/UFRJ/COPPE – where he coordinates research on this new area of knowledge. Currently, he coordinates the ICOX development project. ICOX is Brazil ’s first software to manage Collective Intelligence. Specialties: Implementing new collaborative technologies. Experience Add Position Presidente at ICO [ Edit ] Non-Profit ; 1-10 employees ; ico ; Information Technology and Services industry March 2006 – Present (2 years 8 months) The Collective Intelligence Institute (ICO) is an initiative of researchers, businesspeople, and persons interested in this theme in order to disseminate this concept throughout Brazilian society. The project includes a number of activities towards that goal: • Software – development, follow-up, and homologation of the ICOX tool – free software to manage Collective Intelligence. Its version 1.0 Beta Light is available for download (www.icox.org.br) • Course – Networked Knowledge - How to implement collective intelligence projects , geared to train information, communication, and technology professionals in administrating projects in this area. • Publications – Marcos Cavalcanti and Carlos Nepomuceno launched the book entitled O Conhecimento em Rede – Como implantar projetos de Inteligência Coletiva (Networked Knowledge - How to implement collective intelligence projects), released by the Campus Publishing House on November 13, 2006.

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