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There is no chance of understanding the new millennium without McLuhan.

McLuhan was, first and foremost, a philosopher. Philosophers take care of the essence of forces.

McLuhan looked at the story and realized that we are a Tecno species, heavily influenced by the technological apparatus.

The medium is the message can be translated by the human being is formatted by the technological apparatus.

Change the apparatus, change the Sapiens.

The medium is the message can still be changed by the shape is more important than the content!

McLuhan has to rise in status among the most relevant thinkers of mankind.

There are thinkers who create bifurcations in the way that the human being thinks about himself.

  • We can say that Galileo changed our conception a lot when it took us from the center of the universe.
  • Darwin killed Adam and Eve and put us on as a variant of the monkeys.
  • And McLuhan put us as a techno-species, which changes profoundly when we change the media apparatus.

In the last century, we had three currents that analyzed the influence of communication in society.

  • The Europeans, influenced by Marx, who said that the medium is ideology;
  • Americans, who have argued that the means is a good way to make money;
  • And the Canadians who have argued that the medium is the message, change the media, change everything.

In the new millennium, from the radical changes we are experiencing, I believe it is time for McLuhan’s revenge.

Thoughts design scenarios.

And the scenarios happen or do not happen.

Thinkers may not watch the future, they may be massacred in their time, but history will take care of putting each one in its place.

Digital and everything that has brought about change makes what McLuhan’s thinking is most relevant to the new millennium.

Without it, organizations and people will not be able to understand where we came from, where we are and where we are going.

The “bastard” is laughing.

Is that what you say?

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