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Does it take much work to have a blog? – asks a friend

If you take it seriously, yes, quite a bit of work.

Can I help you?

Can I help you?

It’s a huge collection of links, texts, photos, and ideas to be stored.

You end up finding a missing accent here, a mistake there.

I’ve reread the most accessed texts in the blog, making an ongoing revision.

Thus, I think a blog is not for everybody.

Since I’ve created mine, many things have changed in my life:

1. It became a space where my reflections are vented.

2. It’s like a string stretched above the clouds, which no matter the weather is my true compass (with or without clients, this is my shop).

3. I’m digitalizing loose ideas, which are then shared, recovered and commented, creating a collection – and why not? – a legacy for all who study this theme.

Mine is a daily work, because keeping a shop does require it.

And then came this idea, which began to materialize in my head.

A blog is the consultant’s shop.

What does a consultant exactly sell?

Hours or ideas?

I’d say: sells ideas and can charge by the hour.

If someone wants to hire you, he or she needs to know what is your “merchandise.”

A consultant sells wind…that may help the client’s boat to sail…

For those who live on consultancy, much more so on the web, not to have a blog could mean certain death.

A blog is worth as much because of its form, as it is because of its content.

Thus, when I’m hired, I leave my shop, go to the client, do my job, and come back.

I’m here, behind the counter, receiving my visitors, cleaning the shop windows, displaying new products, saluting those who made comments, counting how many came by.

Browsing through my peers’ shops.

Results come slowly, with no rush.

And the blog always keeps my main working tool sharp: my mind with its capacity for reflection, intuition, and linking.

You may come in, I’m here behind the counter, waiting to say “good morning!”

Just take a seat and have a cup of coffee!

Translated by Jones de Freitas.  Edited by Phil Stuart Cournoyer.

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