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Sapiens has a central demand: to solve problems of Progressive Demographic Complexity. We are the only social species that grows without permission.

Our progressive characteristic makes us slaves to innovation and creates the latency to promote, from time to time, Civilization Revolutions to adjust society to the new level of complexity.

Civilization revolutions should not frighten us, as they are frequent in Macro-History.

The historians on call are far from understanding that human Macro-History is profoundly marked by the media changes that trigger Civilization Revolutions in the exchanges and in the way of deciding.

When we have the massification of new media, the first stage of a Civilizational Revolution we have two phases:

The way of – with the arrival of new media – there are new techno-cultural possibilities that allow new forms of exchanges, that explain the latencies. This phase is practically unconscious, motivated by the indirect effects of the technologies in our subjectivity, which includes involuntary movements of the brain to adjust to the new media apparatus;
The whole of the organizational cultural apparatus necessary to transform new possibilities into methods, new organizations, rules, laws, norms, methodologies and habits. This phase is the awareness of the new possibilities, which makes us transform the new possibilities opened by the new media into habits, which demands the efforts of philosophers, theoreticians, methodologists and entrepreneurs / innovators from the various sectors of society.
The Civilizational Revolution of Printmaking, for example, allowed for new forms of exchange and decision-making, such as the republic and the free market. Then we had all the legal apparatus for this new model to consolidate and transform latencies into habits.

What we live today with the first phase of the Digital Civilization Revolution is the stage of form, the unconscious and emotional phase of the process.

What we will see in the following decades is the continuation of the Digital expansion, the maturation of the new form of administration of the Curatorship and the construction of a new legal organizational and habits apparatus.

The new form is filled with content as Civilization 3.0 consolidates.

Is that what you say?

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