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From time to time, Tecnospecies need to promote civilization upgrades as we increase complexity and we need new tools to deal with it.

We are the only Tecnospecies on Earth, but not the only one in the Universe.

Technospecies grow demographically because they can alter their environment, creating new technologies that allow them to cope over time with the phenomenon of Progressive Demographic Complexity.

There are two movements in a Civilizational Revolution:

In the first stage – we have the decentralization of media, which allows greater consumption and information of each citizen in society;
In the second stage – we have the distribution of decision, which allows greater participation of each citizen in collective life.
Sapiens solve problems of complexity, in time, increasing the participation of each citizen.

The first stage of a Civilizational Revolution allows one to assume responsibility for more distributed decision making.

A Civilizational Revolution thus gradually promotes in each individual a sort of objective and subjective change in what we might call the topology of power.

Over time, we move from a more vertical power topology to a less vertical and more horizontal topology.

Obviously, this process is not continuous, there are several rounds to centralization in the micro and meso history, but in the macro-history the process of horizontalization is observed more clearly.

Civilizational Revolutions thus change society objectively and subjectively in a profound way.

In the past, such changes were slower and perception of cause and effect were less noticeable. Now the process is very fast.

There are Islands of the Future that begin to live in an intense way the Civilization 3.0 and others that are still in the previous one.

Is that what you say?

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