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The great impact of a Civilizational Revolution in its first stage is the radical increase of media power of each citizen.

There is a migration from a radical consumer of content to a radical content producer. Everyone ends up having to take their objectivity and subjectivity out of the closet!

There is a pulverization of the power of media and each, wanting or not, passes the tanner / producer / content repeller. And we need to be trained / educated / reflect on and for that.

And more:

In the first moment, we have a crisis that URGENTLY requires educational action. We need to learn how to deal with no longer scarce content, with responsibility for producing and passing content!

There are some phenomena that stem from the rapid and radical power of media:

Excess self-promotion, selfies;
What people have called post-truth, people reproduce unfiltered rumors;
Low capacity for individual reflection to evaluate information;
And inability to cope with the opening of opportunities to each other’s diversity.
It is a global phenomenon that hits the Sapiens in full.

Today, we complain about the phenomenon and see no way out, because the educational model was all set for Sapiens 2.0, which lived in a pre-digital world.

We have to get out of the technophobia and move on to a more philosophical understanding of the phenomenon, not questioning but helping to reflect on it.

Is that what you say?

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